The four course menu is updated according to the seasons (and is also affordable!), and is served in a small and warm atmosphere. Located in the neighborhood Gamla Väster in the center of Malmö it is open Tuesday till Saturday. A must go for food lovers! It’s the best thing since sliced bread!

Västergatan 16


Restaurang Asien

The owners can seem a bit frightening, but they’re nice people who make the best pho ever! Top it with lots of fresh herbs and order some homemade lemonade. Fancy a beer? This place has one of the cheapest beers in town.

Ystadsgatan 17

Limhamns Fiskrökeri

Limhamns Fiskrökeri

In the old fisherman village Limhamn, now a part of Malmö you’ll find the best of everything Öresund can offer. Grab lunch or dinner and check out the old houses called, ‘fiskehoddor’ in the harbour.

Strandgatan 17B



Not the first place you’ll find just strolling around the city, Bouchon is well-hidden on the corner of the city hall. Steak frites is always on point, and if you book in advance, you have the opportunity of ordering the Canard à la presse!

Andréelundsvägen 5



So good. Promise. Creative food from personal farmers. That’s right. Personal farmers. Located in a quite unexplored part of town, this place feels real, tastes good and looks beautiful.

Simrishamnsgatan 36

kv. åkern

Kv. Åkern

It feels like your neighborhood pub, but extra good. They offer a great vegetarian menu.

Nobelvägen 73

Solde Kaffebar

Solde Kaffebar

Freshly made coffee from their own roasting house. A great place for a quick escape from the ruckus of city life. They have a good amount of regulars so, if you’re in the mood, try chatting one of them up.

Regementsgatan 2


Yalla Trappan

Start the day with a breakfast or lunch at Yalla Trappan! This co-operative women’s movement combines Middle Eastern cooking with craftsmanship. Both food and handmade gifts can be bought next to the restaurant, well worth the trip!

Von Rosens väg 1

Via Napoli

Via Napoli

The Little Italy of Malmö, and the only members of the Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani. Wood fired pizza and Italian-speaking staff makes you wonder if you’re still in Malmö.

Sergels väg 11